Say good bye to the weight and hello to a new you.


Are you ready to change your relationship to your body and food?

Designed for women who:

  • Are tired of feeling exhausted, cranky, and sleeping poorly
  • Feel frustrated with previous attempts at weight loss
  • Struggle to find a sustainable rhythm with self-care, eating well, and exercise
  • Find it difficult to stick to the plan and make changes on their own
  • Are ready to make simple, effective, and sustainable changes that lead to results
  • Want to work with a skilled and dedicated coach for support and accountability

It’s Not Just About Calories & Exercise

Dr. Crystal Frazee, PT understands that weight loss is about a lot more than simply calories and exercise. Obtaining lasting change means cultivating an understanding of your relationship with food, your physiology, your triggers, and developing a smart plan that leverages your strengths. You are the expert of your own body. Nobody knows you better than you know you. Dr. Frazee helps you decode your body’s messages and develop a more intuitive weight loss strategy. She is your compassionate advocate and number one cheerleader to reclaiming your health and feeling at home in your body.

Crystal Is Your Coach

Working as your coach, she will help you develop mindfulness tools to understand your eating triggers and teach you loving non-food ways of responding to your needs. You will learn your body’s hunger signals and how to know when you are full (and not stuffed). Dr. Frazee believes that food should be delicious and nourishing, a regular part of your self-care routine. Her approach teaches you to engage with food using all of your senses and to savor the pleasure of food.

Designed For The Modern Woman

Expect to learn how to eat densely nutritious whole foods using the time, energy, and money you have. As a busy mom and professional, Dr. Frazee understands the demands of the modern woman. She will help you set achievable goals and take small but powerful steps toward reaching them, all while holding your hand and cheering you on.

The Secret Is You

You will discover how your personal physiology is impacted by your lifestyle choices, including nutrition. Foods have a definite positive or negative impact on your overall health. The right foods for your system can increase energy, boost mental clarity, improve sleep, ease digestion, enhance immune function, and relieve pain. Dr. Frazee will guide you to make a long-term plan that you can stick to because you have input to ensure it’s achievable. No more food-induced inflammation, pain, and weight loss resistance. Say goodbye to the weight roller coaster ride and hello to a new you.

Ready To Get Started?

Working privately with Dr. Frazee as your coach means you will have a customized weight loss plan that excites you, ample support to answer questions and keep you accountable, and a compassionate, non-judgmental partner to guide you to reach your goals.

If weight loss were easy there would not be a multi-billion dollar industry of books, pills, and fad exercises. Most of the resources on the market are prescriptive; they tell you what to do, but not how to do it. Medical providers request patients lose weight and make other challenging health changes, but do not have the time or training to assist the patient to be successful with the follow through. Dr. Frazee is an Integrative Women’s Health Strategist with ten years of experience helping women overcome personal challenges to feel happy and healthy.

Private coaching is the most effective method of achieving sustainable weight loss. Call today to discover if Dr. Frazee is the right coach for you.

Mindful Weight Loss Private Consultation Package 

Dr. Frazee’s approach to helping you achieve your goals is comprehensive. After clearly outlining your wellness vision, she will help you identify the skills you need to acquire to succeed. She will customize an achievable plan that includes whole foods nutrition, mind-body tools for self-regulation, and mindful movement. Private consultation allows you to design a strategy that leverages your strengths and addresses your personal challenges. You will receive as much or as little accountability from Dr. Frazee as you need to stay the course. As each small goal is achieved, your efforts will be celebrated and together you will identify the next one. Empowering you to be creative and hopeful, Dr. Frazee makes what has always been challenging seem more simple.

In fact, she’s an effective coach because she’s brilliant at doing the complicated research for you and then breaking it down into the bite-size bits you need to understand your next step. Just imagine the extra energy and frustration you will save working with a specialist!

Private consultation can be virtual or in-person. Virtual sessions are through Skype or by phone (your preference). In-person sessions are held at her office in Spring Lake, MI.

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