Feel confident, calm, and in control.


Are you eager to calm anxiety and worries about your upcoming surgery? 

Mind-Body Practices Can Help

There is plenty of valid research confirming that mind-body techniques can help ease your pre-operative anxiety, reduce sedation meds needed, shorten procedure time, reduce surgical blood loss, reduce the length of hospital stay, and enhance wound healing. They can also reduce post-operative pain and reduce medication use. Wow! It’s incredible that a non-pharmacologic treatment can have these dramatic effects. Even more valuable is how low-cost these techniques can be to learn. By investing in just a few private consultation sessions, you can be completely independent to practice these techniques on your own without relying on a medical provider.

Your Brain is Adaptable

It is clearly understood that your brain changes in response to the experiences it encounters. You naturally have a negativity bias to look out for potentially dangerous experiences and avoid pain. It’s perfectly normal to feel anxious and fearful about your surgery outcome. There are simple and effective ways to teach your brain to regulate these thoughts and emotions so you are more in control and feel confident walking (or wheeling) into surgery. Brain changes take consistent practice, but in as little as three five-minute sessions a day over a few weeks you can feel entirely ready and optimistic about your upcoming surgery.

Customized to Meet Your Needs

Dr. Frazee will discuss your personal fears and hopes about your surgery and customize your home practice to specifically address your physical and emotional needs. After your specific practices have been created, she will record your practices using her voice on your cell phone or send you mp3 files to download. Expect for your mindful surgery prep to be effortless. You will get comfortable, turn on your device and follow her guided imagery and breathing instructions while your stress melts away.

Take Back Your Power

Your surgery may or may not be optional. Often patients are told they must have a surgical procedure given the circumstances. This can lead to feeling vulnerable, powerless and helpless. By choosing to work with Dr. Frazee to develop your personal mindful surgery prep program, you are reclaiming your power. You are not sitting back and nervously counting the days until the surgery. No! You are taking action to manage stress while creating positive inner feelings about your surgery. You can arrive at your surgery feeling confident, calm, and optimistic about the outcome!

Ready To Get Started?

Dr. Frazee suggests starting as soon as you possibly can. The more time you have to “rehearse” your techniques, the more natural and effective they will be. Clients have reported very positive success using Dr. Frazee’s mind-body techniques from six months to two weeks before the scheduled surgery date. Click the button to book an Introductory Call today to discuss your situation with Dr. Frazee.

Mindful Surgery and Recovery Prep Package 

Dr. Frazee’s approach to helping you feel calm and confident is based on solid mind-body research. In the ideal situation, she can meet with you two times to design your personal program and then every 2-4 weeks leading up to your surgery for a shorter session length. It helps you stay accountable and ensures your program is effective to have continued input and guidance. Dr. Frazee will customize an achievable plan that includes mind-body tools for self-awareness and emotional regulation targeted to your specific concerns.

Private consultation can be virtual or in-person. Virtual sessions are through Skype. In-person sessions are held at her office in Spring Lake, MI. You will have written and audio files to support your ongoing independent mind-body practice.

Click the button to the right to schedule a free 30-minute Introductory Call with Dr. Frazee to learn how mind-body practices can help you feel calm and confident about your upcoming surgery.