Accelerating Success for Women Leaders & Organizations with Attuned Leadership™

Coaching, Training, and Speaking to Bring Body Wisdom into Leadership

Because the professional world has long been dominated by male perspectives, leaving women leaders to navigate workspaces that weren’t designed with them in mind.


As a result, we see a leaking pipeline of women leaders in corporations and a surge in burnout among women in organizations and entrepreneurship.

Most leadership development training focuses solely on skills and competencies, but that approach misses the mark. Women need to learn how to tap into their unique strengths and leverage their Body Wisdom to overcome relentless double binds and achieve sustainable success.

My innovative coaching and training programs empower women leaders to thrive in their roles, while also guiding organizations in creating inclusive environments that support the distinct abilities and work styles of both men and women.

The result? 

Enhanced performance, increased retention, and higher job satisfaction across the board!

What every professional woman should know to achieve career & life satisfaction without burning out, working harder, losing sleep, missing family time, & sacrificing more

Because traditional leadership approaches ignore women's innate gifts and the invisible barriers you face!


I’m Dr. Crystal Frazee, PT, NBCHWC, CIAYT, a pioneer in mind-body healing and a go-to women’s health and leadership expert with almost 20 years of experience in healthcare, coaching, and organizational development. As the creator of Attuned Leadership™ and the Somatic Attunement Method™, I empower ambitious professional women and organizations to integrate Body Wisdom into leadership for sustainable success and satisfaction and thriving workplace cultures.

Improve your women’s leadership pipeline and accelerate success for rising women leaders.





You are already capable and accomplished, but gender specific challenges are magnified the higher up you go and can create barriers to further success and satisfaction. Those barriers are not resolved by traditional leadership development strategies. Let’s work together to cultivate the precise skills you need to drive the outcomes you desire and give you a competitive edge so you reach your peak potential without compromising satisfaction or sustainability.


Unleash your organization’s full potential and cultivate a thriving culture with my cutting-edge Attuned Leadership™ programs and keynotes. Designed to tackle the most pressing challenges of today’s workplace, my approach equips leaders to leverage self-awareness and the mind-body connection for enhanced communication, decision-making, and resilience in the face of ongoing change. By addressing women leaders’ unique needs, I help remove barriers to success and foster a diverse, culture that drives sustainable growth. Discover options to bring Attuned Leadership™ into your organization today.

What Clients Are Saying…

“Working with Crystal was a life-changing experience. The things I’ve done all my life to survive and succeed were actually the same things that threaten my health and career. She has opened my eyes to the toll my pace, and more importantly the stories I told myself, were having on my physical health. And she does it in a calming and logical way, giving me clear direction (and data – I love data) so that I can continue getting stronger and better at “standing in my truth”. If you’re a type A, “leaning in”, super woman who just feels really tired these days, work with Crystal!”



“My work with Crystal has been powerful, moving and productive. Crystal’s calm, reassuring voice coupled with her badass and unapologetic approach to empowerment is what I needed. I look forward to a continued journey with her!”



“Being mentored by Crystal exceeded my expectations. Without it ever feeling like “work”, she helped me see what my body is doing and why. We used data to track my heart rate variability and even looked at hormones. She made it easy to see why I was depleted and how to turn that around! The somatic work was an invaluable and transformational experience. It’s changed how I think and feel about myself from how I walk into a room, lead my team, and manage my busy family life, I have full confidence in my authority to make decisions that serve me (and not just everyone else). 


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