Attuned Leadership™ for Women Podcast

Welcome to Attuned Leadership™ for Women, the podcast that challenges the status quo so professional women can avoid burnout, break barriers, level the playing field, and savor the success they’ve worked so hard to build.

Join me, Dr. Crystal Frazee, PT, a women’s health and leadership expert, author, and busy mom of two fierce little girls to learn the secrets of successful female leadership I’ve learned over the past 15 years and that traditional leadership overlooks.

I want to teach you how to turn the invisible challenges you face, ranging from gender bias and stereotypes to the impact of perimenopause on performance, into opportunity and advantage. This workshop-style show is created for established leaders and aspiring ones and will save you time, energy, and frustration by listening.

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Dr. Crystal Frazee on Stress Resilience for Women Leaders

In this episode, Dr. Crystal Frazee leads you through a practical technique that will up-level your time management as a professional woman seeking greater control over your life. You’ll learn a new feminist spin on the Eisenhower Matrix, a proven tool that has been taught in leadership development for years, but using this approach will address the invisible challenges you’re facing as a woman. This is a strategy she uses herself and teaches to her executive coaching clients.

Don’t miss this episode; it’s the key when everything feels urgent and important and nothing feels like it can be delegated or eliminated to put you back in control and make sure you’re sustainable!

Dr. Crystal Frazee on Stress Resilience for Women Leaders

Amidst the relentless tempo of our productivity-driven world, visionary leader Ixchel Lunar introduces a breath of fresh air. In this episode, Ixchel joins me on a thought-provoking exploration: the art of befriending time instead of futilely trying to master it.

Through the magic of simple rituals and reconnecting with our bodies, Ixchel asserts that we can break free from the constraints of time scarcity and glide into a state of flow.

This conversation transcends conventional time management strategies, delving into the cultural origins of time scarcity, naming the invisible hurdles women leaders encounter daily, and equips us with the tools to feel more satisfied using these practical, powerful shifts.

Dr. Crystal Frazee on Stress Resilience for Women Leaders

In this episode of Attuned Leadership for Women, I’m sharing products and daily rituals that are valuable in your stress resilience toolkit. From simplifying nutrition’s vital role in stress management to the wonders of adaptogens, and crafting rituals with sensory support tools, this episode is one you’ll want to bookmark for easy to implement ways to boost energy, mood, and focus so stress does not hold you back.

Dr. Crystal Frazee on Stress Resilience for Women Leaders

This episode is the pinnacle of the series and reveals the practical knowledge you need for stress resilience to feel doable in your busy life. 

Dr. Crystal Frazee connects the dots between understanding your body’s cues of stress (shared in Episode 009) and how to know which nervous system regulation techniques to use (from Episode 010) for the best stress management with the least amount of time or energy investment.

Tune in and learn how to use the Somatic Attunement Method™ to be unfuckwithable and confident that you can weather any storm that comes your way!

In this episode, join Dr. Crystal Frazee, PT and special guest Shawnee Thornton Hardy, established business owner, author, and international somatics teacher as they unpack a treasure trove of practical, body-based techniques designed to help you master nervous system regulation. They’re not here to throw buzzwords your way – this is about real-world strategies that they use themselves and that have been transformative for their clients. 

The Stress to Strength series continues in Episode 009 as Dr. Crystal Frazee introduces you to the concept of stress mapping as the most effective way for women to identify and manage stress levels. Culturally conditioned to tune out your Body Wisdom, this show walks you through step-by-step to tune in and develop a personalized approach to stress management that will blow everything you’ve learned previously out of the water. 

The truth is that there is no generic ‘self-care’ that will help as much as having the power to identify the physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral indicators of stress unique to you. By mastering this skill, you’ll have a competitive edge that also helps you feel more satisfied and sustainable. 

This episode kicks off a new series, “Stress to Strength.” In Part 1, learn the importance of stress resilience in navigating today’s demanding workplace and how essential it is for leaders to balance optimal performance and capacity management to have sustainable, satisfying careers. Dr. Frazee shares how the negative impact of chronic stress on the brain, emotions, and performance are more severe for women and walks you through the practical steps to refine capacity management skills.

Join Dr. Crystal Frazee, PT and Anna Baeten in this candid conversation as they explore the intricacies of power, change, and leadership in organizations. From discussing the glass cliff phenomenon to redefining power dynamics, they provide valuable insights and strategies for women navigating the complexities of the workplace. Gain a deeper understanding of personal and professional power and learn how to leverage it for success in today’s professional world.

Unleash your authentic personal brand in this must-listen episode! Discover why building your brand is crucial for women leaders and get thought-provoking questions to craft yours. Be inspired by Oprah, Merkel, Lizzo, and Taylor Swift. Perfect for aspiring and established leaders, as personal branding evolves with your career. Tune in now and harness the power of your unique brand!

What if you had the key to unlock the doors of upper leadership support to accelerate your career? In this episode, I sit down with the remarkable Barbara Rapaport, who possesses that very key.

Join us for a candid and powerful conversation as we reveal not only how to ensure your visibility and voice are heard but also how to cultivate supportive relationships that open doors and pave the way for your future success. We delve into managing pay inequity, navigating situations where your authority is disregarded, and give invaluable executive coaching advice on forging meaningful connections with upper leadership, which may become your greatest career asset.

This is part 2/2 of a series on confidence. Studies show that women don’t lack confidence as much as they have fear of backlash.

This episode is packed with actionable ways to solve the root problem of fear of backlash, including improving assertive communication skills, building a stronger network, and creating a culture that makes it easy and safe for women to celebrate their accomplishments regularly. 

Part 1/2 of the series on confidence challenges the notion that women lack confidence, suggesting that women feel just as confident in their abilities and leadership skills as their male peers. Therefore, the confidence gap may be more of a myth than a reality. 

To level the playing field, we have to account for the double binds women face, where they must simultaneously appear confident and modest. Confidence is not equally rewarded for men and women in the professional world, and women can face consequences for showing too much confidence because it goes against binary gender norms. Learn the Attuned Leadership™ solutions to these relevant challenges women face.

Traditional leadership approaches focus on outward skills like team building, but your greatest fulfillment and impact will come from inside-out growth. In this second episode of Attuned Leadership for Women, explore the power of your inner voice and how it can impact your success as a leader and satisfaction in life. Delve into the origin of your inner voice, why it’s often so critical, demanding, so quick to dismiss your achievements, and how to stop it from telling you to override your body’s limits. 

Tune in to the very first episode of Attuned Leadership for Women as we delve into the urgent need for change in women’s leadership. Specifically, I share how to say goodbye to burnout, middle management stagnation, and unfulfilled success at the top by unveiling specific Attuned Leadership™ skills. Listen to learn what the Perfection Paradox and Body Wisdom mean and how to practice the important skill of Toggling Out to ease the invisible challenges you face, as a woman, and that traditional approaches overlook.