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REVIVE is a groundbreaking guide to breaking out of the burnout pattern for good, exclusively for women.

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    About The Book.

    Why do smart, successful women find themselves in burnout?

    Why does engaging in mainstream “self-care” rarely help with burnout recovery? 

    Why has the answer to recovering from burnout been hiding in plain sight and only recently been discovered?

    Long time women’s health physical therapist and yoga therapist turned executive coach, Crystal Frazee, offers an insightful and comprehensive approach that solves the puzzle for how women revive from burnout while living such high demand lifestyles. 

    In an era of seemingly endless access to information and unprecedented feminist activism, working women are still missing the key ingredient to living more sustainable and satisfying lives – their Body Wisdom. Socially conditioned from early life that validation and worthiness are earned in exchange for being a ‘good girl,’ Type A, ambitious females have unintentionally tuned out their body’s messages and learned to navigate life relying on intelligence instead.

    The truth is that if managing burnout was as easy as learning better productivity, delegation, or boundaries, then smart women wouldn’t end up in the emergency room so often with stress related illness. 

    “Recovering from and managing burnout involves asking deep questions and unlearning much of the traditional ‘success’ strategies most women use to get ahead at work and at home.”

    Recovering from and managing burnout involves asking deep questions and unlearning much of the traditional “success” strategies most women have used to get ahead at work and at home. There are far more sustainable ways to reach success goals than pushing to the breaking point; most women just haven’t seen them modeled.

    Today’s working women manage more than the generations before them at work and in the home because they’ve been given “all the opportunities” those before them didn’t have and have been groomed to believe that with hard work they will inevitably “have it all.” The shoe drops when high achievers realize they’ve been blindsided because expecting themselves to “do it all” is a recipe for illness and burnout, yet it’s the only way they know.

    The burnout epidemic is driving a cultural shift where women are realizing they’ve been unconsciously chasing the wrong goal – success on someone else’s terms instead of their own. Questioning the true cost of hustle lifestyle, women are asking themselves, “What is all this effort for anyways?” But how do they turn things around when the demands placed on them are continuously more than their resources? Knowing something needs to change, how do women close the gap?  

    Dr. Crystal Frazee’s insatiable drive over the past decade to teach working women, including small business owners, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives, to revive from burnout and create a life that feels ‘spacious instead of squeezed’ has firmly established her Somatic Attunement Method™ as an efficient and effective system to help women kickstart healing from long term, high levels of stress and become the most confident, contented, and calm they have ever been.  

    Women are capable of managing their work and home lives without burnout, but they need an established and complete set of rinse and repeat, practical skills to create this inside-out reality. REVIVE: The Working Woman’s Unexpected Guide to Recovering from Burnout is based on Dr. Crystal Frazee’s 2-Day VIP program and guides professional women through six essential steps to end constant stress and overwhelm so they can attune to their bodies, leverage its reliable wisdom, and build stress resilience to navigate any challenge life throws their way. 

    The book is designed as a combination workbook, journal, and guidebook, so readers can engage with the Somatic Attunement Method™ hands on. 

    Experiment. Write outside the lines. Lean out. Release perfection. Create the life you truly crave and never look back.  

    With love and truth, always, 


    About the author.

    I’ve been a women’s integrative health and master coach for over a decade. I specialize in teaching high-achieving women how to transform debilitating stress into a sustainable feeling of resilience that can withstand life’s uncertainties and chaos. 

    When I say resilience, I mean shifting from dysregulation (aka living in survival mode) to feeling calm and in control, able to perform optimally, have more than enough energy, easily connect to yourself and others, and feel grounded no matter what comes your way. 

    I offer the “finally someone gets me” solution to ending burnout for good! Unlike other programs, my Somatic Attunement Method™ was explicitly designed to help smart, ambitious, working women with intense lives and years of prolonged stress recover from burnout with the shortest timeframe possible.

    I teach only what you need to re-regulate the nervous system and brain through body-based skills training with careful pacing so healing doesn’t become just one more thing on the to-do list. 

    It’s taken 8 years in college to complete my doctorate, 14 years of clinical practice, and hundreds of hours studying and getting advanced credentials in neuroscience, stress physiology, behavior change, mind-body medicine, and women’s integrative health to establish this body of work – plus my own lived experience of anxiety, trauma, over achievement, and burnout recovery.

    It’s my mission to help women professionals and leaders feel SPACIOUS instead of squeezed as they pursue their work and family dreams. I coach and mentor professional women and teams through my signature programs, high-value workshops, and speaking events.

    Crystal Frazee

    Get Out of the Burnout Pattern

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    Women are capable of managing their work and home lives without burnout, but they need an established and complete set of skills to create this synergy. REVIVE: The Working Woman’s Unexpected Guide to Recovering from Burnout is the first book to hand professional women the skills they need to navigate both.