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with Dr. Crystal Frazee

It’s time to ask how women leaders can work & live in a more sustainable, satisfying way. 

Attuned Leadership is the answer.

Attuned Leadership™ is a 21st century approach that equips women to pursue their envisioned lives, unfettered by gendered challenges, and with greater satisfaction by using Body Wisdom. 

It’s the ultimate professional leadership + self-leadership framework to keep women at the helm of their evolving lives. 

When women in professional roles practice Attuned Leadership, it not only benefits themselves but also yields advantages for their organizations.

  • Gender-diverse businesses report higher average revenue rates and better employee engagement. (Gallup, 2014) 
  • According to McKinsey Global Institute Report, $12 trillion could be added to global GDP by 2025 by advancing women’s equality worldwide. (McKinsey & Company, 2015) 
  • Employing more women could amount to a GDP increase of more than $6 trillion yearly for countries across the OECD. The US could gain $2.1 trillion. (PWC, 2022) 
  • More than half of women (57%) don’t feel comfortable discussing their mental health in the workplace. (Deloitte, 2022)
  • Women who work for Gender Equality Leaders are more satisfied with their jobs (90%), more motivated at work (90%), and have better mental health (62%). (Deloitte, 2022) 

Let’s be clear about one thing…

The problem isn’t women.

The problem isn’t you.

You are whip smart, hard working, creative, and caring.

The problem is how culture holds women to unachievable standards in what I call the “Perfection Paradox.” They are framed as if their behaviors are the determinants of their failure instead of lifelong, systemic barriers. Equally, women are denied the recognition and opportunity due when they surpass expectations. 

This unspoken reality wreaks havoc on your nervous system, undermines your health and performance, and feeds that inner critical voice that keeps you stretched too thin, but taking on more.

Expected to work like you don’t have personal responsibilities and manage your life like you don’t work, the double binds are astonishing and they keep you disconnected from your body and stuck in your thinking mind… 

…yet you don’t see another way.

Traditional leadership development for women has not solved the lack of gender parity, burnout, and retention issues.

This is the current landscape:


Women in Burnout

Women report higher stress levels than a year ago, and almost half (46%) feel burnt out. (Deloitte, 2022)


Considering Leaving the Workplace

Due to high burnout rates, one in three women (33%) considers leaving the labor force or downshifting their careers. (CNBC, 2021) 


Percentage of Women in Executive Positions

The percentage rate of women in executive positions is 26%, and only 5% are women of color. (McKinsey & Company, 2023)

Hi, I’m Dr. Crystal Frazee and I’m an Executive Leadership Mentor & Burnout Recovery Coach.

I help professional women reach their career potential, sustainably, with extraordinary life satisfaction. 

I work with forward thinking organizations that want to retain and resource their female leadership to capably rise to the top. 

I specialize in mentoring ambitious women to navigate the challenges they face at work and home so they can show up, lead, and have meaningful impact that fulfills their and the organization’s goals, without getting bogged down by the Perfection Paradox.  

My work synthesizes the most up to date principles from women’s integrative health, somatic psychology, female leadership, and masterful coaching, with my studies in cultural gender norms and identity. I am the author of the upcoming book REVIVE: The Working Woman’s Unexpected Guide to Recovering from Burnout.  

I believe that Attuned Leadership gives professional women the practical skills they need to flourish personally and change our collective future, for the better. 

Just imagine a world where women have exquisite personal health and stress resilience, unforgettable influence, success navigating conflict and hard conversations, and to maneuver work-life demands with repeatable ease

Yes, it’s actually possible by learning to understand the messages from the body and knowing how to respond to them!

This is our journey together in Attuned Leadership.

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