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Crystal Frazee Leadership Solutions is a woman-owned leadership development agency dedicated to transforming organizations and supporting women in leadership. The services I provide, through my Attuned Leadership™ programming, enable visionary organizations to optimize gender diversity, enhance talent development, and overcome pipeline challenges. I also work personally with business founders, executives, and up and coming leaders to unlock and redefine their peak performance.

Through individual and group programs, I guide women and organizations to honor and support the unique natural talents of women and elevate their presence in the organization, conquer gender-based obstacles, and redefine the meaning of success, for a lasting impact.

Why You Need My Services

In 2024, the corporate world is facing a leaking pipeline of women leaders, and the broken rung in their ascent is widening. Only 87 women reach entry-level manager positions for every 100 men and those numbers are substantially lower for women of color. 

Despite all the DEI efforts, we’re going backward, not forwards. 46% of professional women report high-stress and burnout, spanning all job grades. 

Often women’s absence in leadership is misdiagnosed as difficulty with work-life balance, imposter syndrome, or diminished confidence, when in reality it’s a complex interplay of historical gender bias, societal stereotypes, fear of backlash, capacity management, and limited access to the right kind of leadership development. 

Most leadership programs focus solely on skill development, but what they’re missing is a holistic approach that recognizes and addresses women’s invisible challenges, and provides specific strategies within a comprehensive framework of physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


Women in Burnout

Women report higher stress levels than a year ago, and almost half (46%) feel burnt out. (Deloitte, 2022)


Considering Leaving the Workplace

Due to high burnout rates, one in three women (33%) considers leaving the labor force or downshifting their careers. (CNBC, 2021) 


Percentage of Women in Executive Positions

The percentage rate of women in executive positions is 26%, and only 5% are women of color. (McKinsey & Company, 2023)

You might experience some benefits from traditional leadership training, but not the lasting transformation impact that Attuned Leadership programing creates.

What Sets Attuned Leadership Apart

I have developed an unwavering dedication to these three pillars of Attuned Leadership over the past 15 years. They are the foundation of all the programming I provide. By upholding these three pillars, I have consistently seen mundane attempts at change transformed into meaningful, radical, and lasting impact for individuals and organizations alike.

  1. Body Wisdom & Resilience

I teach leaders to recognize their body’s cues and respond effectively. This ability translates to unwavering confidence, informed decision-making under pressure, skillful conflict management, and the promotion of resilience, all of which reduce burnout. 

  1. Individualized & Holistic

My approach goes beyond generic skill development and one-size-fits-all models to provide specific strategies to resolve the invisible challenges women face within a comprehensive framework, offering a well-rounded solution that ensures lasting change. 

  1. Leadership Identity Growth

I guide executives to refine their leadership identity, address blind spots, and develop a strong sense of purpose and self-assurance. This translates into more engagement, improved decision-making, and greater effectiveness.

My Attuned Leadership Manifesto

I believe women leaders possess unique strengths and abilities that should be recognized, supported, and celebrated.

I recognize that women often face invisible gender barriers and systemic biases that hinder their professional growth and development.

I am committed to empowering women leaders to break free from these barriers and unleash their full potential through our Attuned Leadership programs.

I believe that by leveraging their innate ability to attune to their bodies and harness the wisdom of their physical experiences, women can enhance their decision-making skills, increase their influence, and build greater resilience.

I am dedicated to helping women leaders communicate effectively, navigate workplace challenges, and advocate for their needs and aspirations.

I strive to create a community of supportive and empowered women leaders who can inspire and mentor others on their leadership journey; to be the role models for the next generation.

I envision a future where women leaders are recognized as invaluable assets to their organizations and encouraged to harness their authentic strengths to achieve their full potential.

I believe that organizations that prioritize gender equity and support women’s leadership development gain a competitive advantage through increased innovation, higher employee engagement and retention, and increased financial success.

Join me in my mission to cultivate a new paradigm of leadership, where attunement, authenticity, and diversity are championed to pave the way to a brighter, more sustainable future for everyone. 

Hi, I’m Dr. Crystal Frazee, PT and I’m an Executive Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer, and Keynote Speaker.

I help organizations understand the unique realities of being a woman leader and teach their women leaders to reach their career potential, sustainably, with extraordinary life satisfaction. 

I work with forward-thinking organizations that want to retain and resource their female leadership to capably rise to the top. 

I specialize in mentoring ambitious women to navigate the challenges they face at work and home so they can show up, lead, and have the meaningful impact that fulfills their and the organization’s goals, without getting bogged down by the Perfection Paradox.  

My work synthesizes the most up-to-date principles from women’s integrative health, somatic psychology, female leadership, and masterful coaching, with my studies in cultural gender norms and identity. I am the author of the upcoming book REVIVE: The Working Woman’s Unexpected Guide to Recovering from Burnout.  

I believe that Attuned Leadership gives women leaders the practical skills they need to navigate gender barriers, flourish personally, and change our collective future, for the better. 

Just imagine a world where women have exquisite personal health and stress resilience, unforgettable influence, success navigating conflict and hard conversations, and maneuver work-life demands with repeatable ease

This is our journey together in Attuned Leadership.

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