Dr. Crystal Frazee, PT

Dr. Crystal Frazee, PT, C-IAYT is a dynamic practitioner with a broad skill set and a passion to help you achieve optimal health. She is the founder of the Mindful Pain Relief Method™, a practicing Doctor of Physical Therapy, a certified Yoga Therapist, and a certified Health & Wellness Coach. She has spent the past 14 years studying how to apply mind-body medicine to behavior change so that you can experience better and longer lasting results.

She combines simple and effective strategies for nutrition, mindfulness, and movement to create a customized lifestyle plan for you. Her talent is taking complex topics and breaking them down into bite-size and practical steps that lead to your success. Dr. Frazee is a masterful coach with the communication skills to help you clarify your goals, identify obstacles, plan solutions, and support you all the way.

Dr. Frazee does not use a one-size-fits-all approach. She knows that you are unique and so are your goals and aspirations. She will customize every element of your lifestyle plan to suit your specific circumstance. She wants to see you develop the skills to manage your condition with confidence.

Dr. Frazee believes medical providers are delivering the very best care they can. However, due to the increasing demands of the industry, there is little time or energy left for practitioners to provide the additional high-touch level of care you may need and deserve. So often, physical symptoms are symptomatic of nutritional, emotional, mental, social, or spiritual factors that aren’t being addressed in the typical medical relationship. You should feel nurtured, acknowledged, listened to and advocated for in your care. Dr. Frazee’s intention is to expand your treatment options to offer excellent integrative care as a complement to your traditional medical treatment plan. She seeks to collaborate with all types of health providers to fill in where traditional medical providers are lacking the resources to provide the extra attention and support you may need to get to your big goal.

You have incredible natural healing abilities and mind-body practices can help you access them. The Mindful Pain Relief Method™ and Dr. Frazee’s other signature lifestyle programs will empower you to feel alive, whole, and connected.

Crystal was educated and trained in depth at the following organizations: University of Georgia, University of Colorado Denver, Dr. Michael Arloski, PhD from Real Balance Wellness, North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy at Andrews University, National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine, Graduate School of Behavioral Sciences, Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts, Institute for Integrative Yoga Studies, and the Integrative Women’s Health Institute. She is dedicated to being a lifelong learner and continues to pursue training on the most relevant topics to serve you.

Professionally, Dr. Frazee began her career as the Director of Rehabilitation at the prestigious Dallas Spinal Rehabilitation Center. She now lives and works in beautiful West Michigan where she adores working with clients in her growing private integrative medicine practice. She consults with clients from all over the country virtually and with local clients at her office in Spring Lake, MI.

Reach out today to learn how Dr. Frazee can empower you with the simple lifestyle tools you need to feel successful and reach your personal wellness goals. Email at drcrystalfrazeept@gmail.com or call 616.414.4044.


Dr. Frazee meets privately with clients by appointment only at 14998 Cleveland St., Suite H, in Spring Lake, MI 49456. The office is conveniently located just off Hwy 104 on the south side of the road in a business complex just across from Vic’s Restaurant.