How to Run Your Day

(Without it Running You)

On Demand Training

with Dr. Crystal Frazee

Welcome to the training!

You are going to learn my step-by-step strategy to audit your daily schedule and pinpoint exactly what you need to change to feel calm, focused, and one step ahead!

STEP 1:: Download and Print Your Workbook

STEP 2:: Watch the Overview Video

Learn how to get the most out of your training.


STEP 3:: Listen to Women & Time Stress 

There’s 3 common reasons why women face time stress. Deepening your awareness of these is the first step in changing it.

STEP 4:: Listen to Set Your Intention 

To have your day unfold more seamlessly, set the intention for it to happen.

STEP 5:: Audit Your Day for Calendar Calm

Learn the three specific elements of your schedule to tweak to run your day with more ease.

STEP 6:: Listen to Regulate Your Nervous System

Stress is inevitable. You can’t make it go away, but you need a way to regulate how it impacts you so you can stay grounded, focused, and have influential presence.

Congrats! You’ve finished the training. Now what?

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I hope these strategies helped you learn how to easily feel more in control of your daily schedule. This daily audit system is a simple way to prevent you from stretching yourself too thin at work and to help you recalibrate when your day falls apart.

To make sure you got the very most out of this training, I’m offering a free call to talk through your unique situation. Whether you are managing burnout or are in leadership and looking to create a more sustainable work-life rhythm and ultimate career-life satisfaction, please schedule a complimentary call!

I can help you get clear on the one next step that will have the most impact. 


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