If you’re here because you’re tired of feeling like your health, your relationships, and your happiness take a backseat to your career, plus… 

You have tried all the wellness and self-care stuff and you still feel exhausted and anxious.

You’re not sure of your next step. You know you don’t want to keep living like this, but you’re “stuck” feeling like you don’t have other options.

Some days, you’re close to your breaking point. You want help, but you don’t know who to trust and don’t know how to add anything else in.

You’re definitely in the right place!

I’ve created a strategy specific to your needs as a woman to REVIVE from burnout.

Here are 3 ways to get started right now:

Instantly Access My Free Guide

To help you manage the acute burnout symptoms you are facing, I created the ‘Stress & Overwhelm Release Game Plan.’ It’s 6 steps you can take right now to feel more clear and in control so you can decide what your next best step needs to be.

Get the REVIVE Book

Sign up for updates on when you can buy your copy of my first book! It’s called REVIVE: The Working Woman’s Unexpected Guide to Recovering from Burnout. It’s a paradigm shifting, step-by-step plan to get your mind and body beyond burnout for good.

2-DAY VIP Coaching

Most women in burnout need helpNOW! When your health, career, and/or relationship are on the line, you need an expert to tell you exactly what to do (that’s within your capacity) that will make an immediate change. REVIVE is my 2-DAY VIP experience that delivers just that. It’s efficient, effective, and unparalleled.

Your Dream Solution is Having:

    • Complete clarity in how to start feeling like yourself again with a plan that fits inside your busy life without adding more pressure to yourself. You want to do less, not more!
    • Confidence that you’ll feel immediate relief from stress, fatigue, and overwhelm without having to wait months for results.
    • High-end support with maximum discretion from a multi-skilled expert that can personalize your burnout recovery plan so you don’t have to figure it all out yourself.

My R.E.V.I.V.E framework delivers these results guaranteed.

Hello, there!

I’m Dr. Crystal Frazee and I’ve spent the past 15 years developing the Somatic Attunement Method and validating that it’s the #1 method for top-performing, professional women to have more work and life satisfaction. 

Then nearly 4 years ago, I had my own experience with burnout that almost brought me to a breakdown. I had two little girls & was suddenly the primary breadwinner with two full time jobs, a household to manage, and much more on my plate. Without a single family member within a 13 hours to help out, it was the greatest challenge of my life. 

I was fortunate to have the Somatic Attunement Method™ at my disposal and adapted it to my specific needs of burnout recovery. That’s how the R.E.V.I.V.E program was born! It gives you the comprehensive roadmap out of burnout; nothing more and nothing less. 

Fast forward to 2023, my health is better than it’s been in 7 years and even though I’m working hard and living with a full plate, I know how to sustain it with ease.

3 Burnout Recovery Truths To Know

Truth #1 – The right strategy can give you control of the impact stress has on your life – instead of feeling steamrolled by it. 

I know you are a go-getter, Type A woman that has ambitious dreams and that stress is just a part of the picture. You’ve tried loads of stress management strategies, but none of them have been targeted at rewiring how your nervous system responds to the constant, high levels of stress you face. 

The REVIVE framework will show you a different way. I’m an authority on teaching you to get out of your head and into your body so you have powerful, effective tools to change the impact stress has on you. My methodology changes your stress resilience from the inside-out. 

I’m not promising you a stress-free life. I’m also not going to ask you to meditate for an hour every day or help you find some ‘zen’ state. After working with me, you’ll be more savvy about your limits, confident to communicate boundaries, and know how to calm down your nervous system so you can confidently increase your capacity over the next 30 days. 

Truth #2 – The right strategy can save you money.

Think of all the days that you’ve felt run down at work and got behind. You probably had to catch up by working evenings or weekends which only added to the burnout. Not to mention the days you completely took off because you just couldn’t show up – either because of something physical, like a migraine, or something emotional like feeling overwhelmed.

Don’t let your burnout cost you that promotion, professional recognition, or the ability to go for the dreams you’ve envisioned from the start. I will help you create the right strategy to kickstart your recovery and it will be worth every penny and then some!

Truth #3 – The right strategy will save you time. 

You want to do something about the toll stress is taking, but you don’t want to have to stop working and you’re the one running the entire household and keeping everything “together.” Naturally then, the thought of taking time off for the REVIVE VIP Day makes you hesitate.

But here’s the thing – without a doubt, if you keep using the same strategies, you’ll keep getting the same results and that means that you’ll still be stuck in “stressed out” mode. 

You’ve already tried other strategies, but none of that has moved the needle. 

Hiring me as your coach will save you time because I will give you a personalized, step-by-step plan to do exactly what you need to do. No more guessing, taking your friend’s generic advice, or waiting for things to magically change. 

The REVIVE VIP 2-Day Experience Will Give You the Burnout Relief You Want 

The Revive VIP 2-Day immersion brings my personal journey plus my professional coaching experience from the past 15 years of working with Type A, top performing executives, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners to YOU!

Rest assured, the REVIVE experience will give you the critical skills to:

  • Get off the to-do list hamster wheel for good
  • Take control of your energy and attention so you spend them how you want to
  • Increase your capacity to live your full life without getting worn down
  • and honestly, to feel revived!

I know you don’t have an ounce of energy or moment to spare!

REVIVE gives you step-by-step strategies for the most immediate stress relief and clarity possible without putting more pressure on you. More than adding to your schedule, I am going to show you exactly what to take away. I’ll hold your hand and walk you through my proven process. 

The Result: You’ll leave with a personalized, no nonsense, 100% doable strategy mapped out to shift you from stressed to self-assured right away. 


Your Virtual VIP Experience

The REVIVE VIP 2-Day Experience is designed for smart, savvy, professional women ready for change. It’s just you and me working together privately. We’re going to dig in and get real. We’re going to dissolve the barriers in your way and move you out of burnout.

With this framework, that you can rinse and repeat on your own, you can put an end to chronic overwhelm, doubt, and frenzy.

Because YOU are meant for MORE.

But Don’t Just Take It From Me…

“Working with Crystal was a life-changing experience. The things I’ve done all my life to survive and succeed were actually the same things that threaten my health and career. She has opened my eyes to the toll my pace, and more importantly the stories I told myself, were having on my physical health. And she does it in a calming and logical way, giving me clear direction (and data – I love data) so that I can continue getting stronger and better at “standing in my truth”. If you’re a type A, “leaning in”, super woman who just feels really tired these days, work with Crystal!”

~ Jen (CEO/Entrepreneur)

“I don’t know how I could have done it without Crystal. I was totally maxed out and on the verge of a breakdown. She held my hand through her whole process and helped me get control of the stress in my life instead of it controlling me!”

~ Jodi (Non-Profit Executive Director)

Your VIP Experience Includes:

Deep Dive Strategy Planning

When you book your Revive VIP Experience, you’ll get a link to share some basic information with me that I’ll use to map out our day together. I’ll come fully prepared with the specific strategies that you need. 

Revive Strategy Intensive VIP 2-Day Experience

  • Two consecutive 4-hour virtual live coaching days scheduled preferably 9-1:00 EST, but will be adapted to your time zone.
  • I will teach you the most crucial skills to make an immediate and powerful change in your situation. Every step is manageable and you will implement every step as we go. I’ll literally have you open your calendar and to-do list. You’ll leave with whitespace in your life and the wisdom to sustain it – without feeling guilty. 
  • Each of the two days are broken into 3 calls with a 20-30 minute break between each. The pacing will feel focused, yet restorative.
  • You’ll get the REVIVE Workbook with simple worksheets to write down any meaningful ah-ha’s and specifics you want to remember from each experiential component.
  • You’ll wrap up feeling hopeful, clear on your action steps and path ahead, and connected to your body.

Nervous System Repair Kit

Prior to our time together, I will send you a phenomenal package in the mail filled with my favorite luxurious self-care tools that will teach your nervous system to shift from hyperdrive to calm in no time. You’ll experiment with a few during the breaks and I’ll help you understand how to use them to feel more grounded, connected to yourself, more aware of your boundaries, and energized. The goal is to teach you simple, daily rituals that take a minute of your time to get you out of burnout.

Ongoing Support

For 30 days following your VIP Experience, you will have access to me for feedback and processing using Voxer, a walkie talkie app between the hours of 7am-5pm M-F. It simplifies communication so you can reach out anytime, easily. I’ll help you integrate every aspect of your REVIVE strategy into your daily life.


1) VIP Day Success Checklist 

You’ll know exactly how to set up your space and what you’ll want to have on hand to make the most of your virtual experience. 

2) Revive Personal Strategy Map

Throughout your session, I’ll take notes so I can create your personal REVIVE Strategy Map. It will capture all the details so you can focus on being in the moment. You’ll receive your completed document 1-2 business days after your VIP Day.

3) Boost Your Body Battery Guide

This guide will radically change the way you think of your energy level and the ways that you can sustain it. This will give you a specific strategy to wake up feeling like your body battery (energy) is at 100% and how to prevent yourself from ever bottoming out again. Clients say that this alone is worth the investment.

4) Sleep Like A Baby Guide

This guide teaches you the three simple steps to repairing your sleep cycle so you never wake up at 4am with a racing mind again. Follow these steps, created with the peri and post menopausal women in mind, based on leading edge functional women’s health science to ensure you wake up rested and raring to go. Pssst…… To revive from burnout, you need to know how to get the 2 hours of deep sleep & proper REM your brain and body need for repair.

 The REVIVE Framework Details

REVIVE covers the initial steps from my proven system, Somatic Attunement Method™, which will ensure you experience immediate changes in your life and have the confidence to sustain them.

Rest – Grasp how to get luxurious rest at night so you wake supercharged & how to get “active rest” during the day to increase your overall capacity. We’ll clarify exactly what’s breaking your sleep rhythm, how to repair your nervous system, and what to do if you wake up at 4am with a busy mind. We’ll look at your energy level from an integative women’s health and self-leadership perspectives.  

Eliminate – The two sure-fire ways to get instant relief of overwhelm. We’ll uncover which internal thinking patterns are keeping you stretched thin and the specific actions that fuel your burnout. With this strategy, you’ll easily release these habits that are no longer serving you so you can feel more in control of your energy and attention. This will be an incredible game changer for you!

Verbalize – Learn my two proven practices to attune to your body (instead of focusing on your to-do list or what’s expected of you). Years of ‘pushing through’ has stunted your accuracy to see what your body is trying to tell you and your agency to ask for what you need with ease. This skillset of owning your inner experience and having the language to express your needs without doubt will change your life. 

Invite – Discover the powerful somatic tools that can help you feel calm, in control, and grounded anytime, no matter what comes your way. Invite more of how you want to feel into your everyday reality. This is neuroscience + somatic psychology + gender studies to turbocharge your results.  

Vanquish – Learn the 4 simple keys to vanquish your energy “thieves” and to dissolve the ‘people pleasing habit’ for good. What would happen if you could release fear of disappointing others or not living up to some standard and instead use your energy and time how you want and need? This is where you get to leverage my 15 years of experience coaching high-performing women and the patterns I’ve identified to shorten your struggle. 

Enjoy – Master how to make more time for pleasure and enjoyment without adding to your to-do list (or feeling guilty about it). Learn empowered communication and boundary skills to make sure you never crowd pleasure out of your life again.

The value for this experience is infinite. It’s hard to put a price on feeling better in your body, more in control at work, and able to feel happy and present at home. 

Total Investment for REVIVE VIP Recovery Experience


*payment plan and sliding scale available 

Who The REVIVE 2-Day VIP Experience Is For:

Savvy, professional women who are dedicated to their careers and ready to figure out how to keep going without letting the stress slow them down.

Fiercely independent women who are ready to stop working all the damn time and get off the to-do list hamster wheel to feel more at ease and at peace. 

Smart women who realize they’re everyone else’s problem solver at work and home and want to shift that energy to filling up their own cup (without second guessing yourself).

Successful leaders that want high-end support to make this easy. They are done figuring everything out on their own and are ready to lean on an expert that can offer maximum discretion. 

Action takers that realize that the longer they wait, the higher the cost to their success and satisfaction. They are done putting it off (aka they are ready to roll up their sleeves, upgrade their skills, and feel better NOW)!  

Women feeling good about their current coping skills for stress but facing a leap in their career or home life (like welcoming a baby) and want to make sure they are 100% prepared.

Ready for high-end support and a step-by-step REVIVE plan that will give you immediate results? Let's chat to make sure it's the perfect fit for you.

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