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Episode 031

Summer Hiatus and Preview of Exciting Things to Come!


The first 30 episodes of the show have laid a solid foundation to guide you, as a woman leader, to leverage body wisdom for leadership success.

I’m taking a summer break to recharge and create valuable resources to help you implement what we shared in Season 1. Make sure you’re on my email list to get them. Subscribe here.

Stay tuned for Season 2 with captivating stories from women leaders about how they navigated challenges successfully. 

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Dr. Crystal Frazee:
Welcome to the Attuned Leadership for Women podcast. This is Episode 31. I’m your host, Dr. Crystal Frazee. And today I’m going to update you on some important news about the show, why I’m taking a summer hiatus, and give you a sneak peek into what’s in store for the future of the show.

Where do established and aspiring women leaders go to get answers to their biggest challenges, like how to deal with double standards, break free from hustle and burnout, drive change without being bossy, and how to raise visibility by doing less, not more? I’m Dr. Crystal Frazee, your host and a women’s health and leadership expert and author. I’ve spent the past 15 years developing the answers to those questions. I believe that your body has all the wisdom you need and that without much effort, you can leverage it for things like faster, better decision-making, creating a magnetic presence for influence, and even navigating perimenopause so your performance goes up instead of down. In this show, I will teach you what traditional leadership approaches overlook, how to leverage your body wisdom to break free from time and energy traps, shatter barriers, dissolve the good woman programming that stops you from living on your terms, Level the playing field at home and work and be the most powerful leader you can be. Get ready to rewrite the rules of success and satisfaction using the practical strategies of attuned leadership for women. Let’s dive in.

Main Content:
All right, here we go. As we approach the summer months, the Attuned Leadership for Women show will be taking a brief summer hiatus. I really, really spent some time thinking about this. I love creating the show. It is a lot of effort. And it’s something I’m really proud of. And from what I’m hearing from you is helpful. But I’m going to take a break this summer because a pause on the show is going to allow me to recharge. It’s going to help me to be able to spend some really nice quality time with my little family. I really don’t think there’s such a thing as work life balance, it’s never going to be 50 50. But with my kids going into first and third grades, this summer is a precious time to show them what it looks like and to let them experience seeing their mom pour back into herself and into them. And that way, when the speaking and training season picks up in the fall, they’re going to have these summer memories to remember. But that’s just one reason why I’ve made this choice.

The second and the one that I’m really excited about the one that relates to you is that I’m going to take the summer to focus on creating valuable content for you. I’ve heard that shows one through 30 have been really impactful, and that they’re dense, there’s a lot in each show to think about and process and apply. And I want to create content that makes that easier for you, something to ensure that you’re getting the most out of each show that I produce. And just to elevate the experience you’ve had with Attuned Leadership for Women so far.

Now you might be wondering what’s in store for season two of the show. I’m really happy with season one. It’s really a nice standalone podcast. If you just listen to shows zero through 30, you have a solid foundation of Attuned Leadership, which is really a paradigm shift in bringing the body and how we listen to our body’s messages into how we’re leading and living our lives. I believe that with season one, it will help you shift your personal and professional life for the better. Season two, however, is going to start a little differently. It’s going to start out with some deep, intimate dives into captivating stories from women leaders who’ve navigated familiar challenges that maybe you’ve experienced or are experiencing, like identity, how to shift things when you move into a new role or something else in life changes. stakeholder management, maybe managing your team is going really well. But building those relationships with stakeholders may present a challenge, communication barriers, and how you really say what needs to be said, when you feel discomfort in your body, how to go about being the one and only woman in the room. Or maybe you have multiple identities that make you the one and only. And maybe it’s not just the only one in the room, but maybe you feel like you’re the only one in the entire organization.

I want to bring you stories from women who have lived examples of these challenges and that can bring you wisdom. I’m in awe of the vulnerability and the talent that these guests share with you about their leadership. I hope these next episodes are relatable and that they move you like they have me.

So again, during thi summer break, I’ll be going through the 30 episodes of season one and curating resources to help you implement them further. I’ve heard from some of the listeners that they felt like they needed to go back, listen to some shows, take some notes that there was so much there to help them grow, but they were listening while they were commuting or while they were doing other tasks. which is why this is a podcast and not a YouTube channel. I don’t want you to have to sit and be still and watch something. I want you to be able to build this into your life. And when there’s something that you can take deeper, a little leave behind, a chart, a summary, something that can help you really consolidate what I’m saying, because it really is a shift in your thinking, in the way you see yourself, in how you hear your body’s messages, and then in the way you respond, then I want to create those resources for you. And truly, I write, edit, and publish the show to help you have more success, satisfaction, and sustainability. I want you to get some value out of each and every show you listen to. If nothing else, I hope it’s at least a tiny aha or idea that shifts your perspective to one of more agency and capability of navigating life as a woman leader.

So between now and the fall when the show returns, to access those materials that I’m talking about, make sure you’re subscribed to my email list because that’s how I’m going to be distributing it. If you’re anything like me, you don’t like getting marketing emails, and I get it. Over the summer, I’ll send an email every one or two weeks with resources from the shows that you can immediately use. They’ll be simple and relevant. I promise there’s value in every message I will be sending to your inbox. To sign up, go to and hop on my list. You’ll put in your first name, best email, and then you’ll need to confirm that in your inbox. On my homepage, you’ll find my free audio training called How to Run Your Day (Without It Running You) as a thank you for being on my list. And it’s a short 20 minute audio that’s immediately available and something that I hope really benefits you. I’ll have all these links by the way, on the show notes page for episode 31. And you can find that at

I would love to reach out and give you a hug and say thank you for your continued support and engagement through the first season of Attune Leadership for Women. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share insights and connect with you. I would love to hear more about the challenges you’re facing that you want to hear stories of how women have navigated. To share what you want to hear on the show, email me at [email protected]. I reply to every message and rest assured we’ll be back in the early fall with a brand new season filled with inspiring stories and practical advice to help you thrive as a woman leader. Until then, be well and stay attuned. And I look forward to connecting with you again soon by email.