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Episode 014

Stress to Strength Series, Part 7

Strategic Time Mastery for Women’s Well-Being


**This is Part 7, the final episode, of the Stress to Strength series**

In this episode, Dr. Crystal Frazee leads you through a practical technique that will up-level your time management as a professional woman seeking greater control over your life. This is a strategy she uses herself and teaches to her executive coaching clients.

She knows the struggle – the never-ending to-do lists, the relentless calendars, and the constant juggling of responsibilities. But here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to be this way. Tune in to learn the secrets of time mastery, enabling you to reclaim your time, prioritize your dreams, and build a foundation of well-being that empowers you to thrive.

Don’t miss this episode; it’s the key when everything feels urgent and important and nothing feels like it can be delegated or eliminated to put you back in control and make sure you’re sustainable!

A picture of me with text surrounding describing episode 006 and the importance of authentic personal branding to help women stand out in a male-dominant world.


At the heart of the approach you’ll learn lies the Eisenhower Matrix (see image below), a proven tool that has been taught in leadership development for years, but Dr. Crystal Frazee puts a unique spin on it to make sure it addresses the invisible changes you’re facing as a woman.


Time & Priority Mastery Matrix for Women 

A picture of me with text surrounding describing episode 006 and the importance of authentic personal branding to help women stand out in a male-dominant world.

Quotes from the Episode: 

It is priceless to know exactly what you’re going to do with your free time when it presents itself so that you don’t feel paralyzed and confused about how to spend it.

The great thing about having only three tasks as your goal, especially as a professional woman, is that since you’ve already identified these things as the most important things, you can celebrate your achievement at the end of the day and feel good about what you got done instead of focusing on everything still on your to-do list.


[00:01:03] Overcoming overwhelm and increasing productivity.
[00:06:30] Using the Eisenhower Matrix.
[00:08:36] Women’s well-being and self-care.
[00:13:29] Shifting Priorities for Success.
[00:19:28] The quadrant of satisfaction.
[00:22:12] Moments of silence and self-care.
[00:26:53] Quadrant of distraction.
[00:30:02] Triage and prioritization strategies.
[00:34:14] Deleting low-priority tasks.
[00:39:20] Shifting focus towards quadrant two.
[00:44:08] Menopause and stress resilience.
[00:47:31] What traditional leadership leaves out.

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